Skojphoj in English

Hello. Welcome to Skojphoj. We’re really happy that you found us!

This is Skojphoj.
Skojphoj was established 1997 by Olle Ohlsson, a former MX/enduro/offroad/rally rider!

Our concept in Skojphoj
Happiness, excitement and adventure. That’s what drives us. We want more people to learn and explore offroad riding in its right environment. Enduro riding is all about adventure, fun, friendship and of course bike riding. We offer exlusive guided tours in the Swedish forests, Baltic States and in the Deserts of Dubai.

To ride with Skojphoj and Olle Ohlsson is to explore your limits.

Our offer.

Tour example:

1 day,

We vary the type of terrain & riding conditions to the ability of the riders skills

Gravel roads, forest trails, farm & logging roads, enduro tracks, rock, sand & mud sections (depending on weather & season)

Approximately 150km, 2 stops close to a smaller enduro/mx track for energy snacks/soft drinks,  lunch break.

Meet the group 08:00 for general information, bike instructions & safety riding rules, change to riding gear.

Start from Trosta / Arlanda 09:00 and return back about 16-17:00 for shower and change of clothing.

2 days,

First day similar to the one day tour,

But after lunch we head northeast to the Baltic coast for overnight accommodation,

With hot tub, sauna and dip in the sea, three course meal and a good night sleep,

Breakfast 08:00, start 09:00 with various riding for 1h to join a very nice and long enduro trail along the powerline

In some places very demanding, but with possibilities to take (if needed? Short cuts/gravel road to rejoin later on)

Lunch break and after to continue with more enduro riding trails that is with different type of conditions!

Back again about 16-17:00 after 340km great riding.

3 days,

First day as the one on the 2day tour,

Second day we do a loop of enduro trails & racing tracks or if requested a mix enduro/offroad riding,

Third day is as second day on 2 days tour. Total of 480km super great riding.

4-5 days,

First day as the one on 2day tour, second day we head west to cover some great offroad riding area,

Third day we do a loop with all riding there is, fourth day return to east again,

Either to rejoin tracks from returning home as 2 & 3 day tour or go one section further and then go back and rejoin track on day five!

Approximately 650km / 800km

All overnight tours are provided with shower facilities and/or hot tub, sauna, sea, lake or similar to take a swim.

All food during the rides are included, breakfast, lunch & dinner + quick stops for soft drinks/energy snacks along the way.

Type of accommodation is different, but all is at very good or high standards

Please see our three examples on our website: BOENDE / / these three are most use on 2 & 3 days tours!

We have also accommodation facilities next door for our guests that arrives day before & depart the day after Tour.

Then there is 5 Hotels in the area next to the Airport! / / /

All our Tours  include Motorcycle, Insurance, Petrol, Riding/Protective  gear, Food-Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner w 1(one) Beer / w 1(one) glas Wine included per night ,

Service veichle with parts & tools, tour guide, Accomodation on all 2, 3, 4 & 5 days tours.

If riders bring their own private motorcycles we deduct 175 euro per day / person.

Accomodation needed before & after Tours cost approximately 60 euro per person / night at provided/recommended Hotels.

Prices per person: (including vat 25%)

1 Day 399 euro

2 Day 899 euro

3 Day 1199 euro

4 Day 1499 euro

5 Day 1799 euro

Extra costs Not included:

Accommodation before/after tour,

All alcoholic beverages at sauna/poolside, bars etc during overnight stops.

Damaged / Crash parts insurance 55 euro per day & rider

Contact us for more information.

Olle has a long experience and have been involved in motorsports in many year!

This is a small part of all the experience he has gained so far!

Enduro & Rally races that Olle Ohlsson have participated in .

Swedish Junior Championship 1976-1980

Swedish Championship 1981-2000

Swedish ”Kåsan” Novemberkåsan 1981-1984

Swedish 4Days Enduro Rally 1991-2010

Finland ”Päjänne” Päijänteen Ympäriajo 1983-1986, 1989-1991

Germany Onkel Toms Hütte 1981-1987, 1989-1992

European Championship 1981-1989

World Championship 1990-2000

“Six Days” Enduro WC 1982-1992

Australia 4Days Enduro 1988

Australia, Queensland Championship 1988

Thailand PTT championship 1994-1995

Japan Hidaka 2Days 1996-1998

Incas Rally, Perú 1989

Baja 1000, Mexico 1989

Roof of Africa, SA 1992-1994 (Manager team Suzuki)

Rainforest, Malaysia 1998-1999

UAE Desert Challenge 1994 – 2000 / w Car Team Isuzu 2009 – 2010

AustralianSafari 1991, 1992, 1995, 1996, 1997

AustralAsian Safari w Car Team Isuzu 2008, 2009

Dakar- Agades 1997

Paris – Dakar 1998

Asia Cross Country Rally – 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

Australia ”Condo 750” w Car Team Isuzu 2008, 2009

Dakar w Car Team Isuzu 2009-2010

With Team & brand of Motorcycles!

Zündapp 1973-1978

Team Yamaha 1977-1986

Team Suzuki    1987 – 1997

Team KTM Dakar 1998

Team Husaberg Factory 1998 – 2002

Team Husaberg Support 2003 – 2013

Over and all Olle has done +100 Motocross races, +500 Enduro races, 49 Rally raids on Bike & 7 in Car as Codriver)